A British East India Company Army Officer

In 1837, Lyman Dunnock, an orphaned street tough raised in the hellish rookeries of the Victorian London Slums, plans his escape from the cruelty and molestations of lecherous apprentice-master. However, when Lyman tries to leave, the master corners him and Lyman accidentally kills the old silvermaker.

At age 13, using forged papers, obtained with the help of his old chums in the Castle Blackheart flashhouse, he joins the British East India Company Officer Training Academy and flees the country. At the age of 15 he finds himself a battle-hardened 2nd lieutenant in the British East India Company Army, fighting Akbar Khan’s Pashtun warriors in the Hindu Kush mountains outside Kabul. He becomes the sole British survivor of the Massacre of Elphinstone’s Army in the mountain passes in January of 1842. After rising in rank and often serving in the same command as Sir Harry Flashman, and barely surviving another British Military debacle, this time at the Siege of Cawnpore in 1857, Lyman retires from the Army and moves to the United States, intent on finding another vocation.

British Soldiers fighting Afghan Warriors

Finding little professional success as a civilian, when the Civil War begins Lyman joins the Union Army as a Captain in Col. Dan McCook‘s 52nd Ohio Infantry, Army of the Cumberland. In his decades of savage guerilla warfare, Lyman has witnessed the disastrous results of using outdated, rigid military tactics. To combat the fast striking Confederate cavalry, Lyman soon forges a squad of elite scouts and snipers, who move fast and travel light. Lyman forms and especially close bond with Cage Carew, melding him into a deadly warrior as he pursues the murderous Francois Devol across the war-ravaged South.

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