Seventeen “Fighting McCooks of Ohio from the Carrolton and Steubenville area of the state, volunteered to serve in the Union Army. These included 58-year-old Daniel McCook and eight of his sons, and his brother John McCook, and his five sons. There were three major generals, three brigadier generals, one naval lieutenant, four surgeons, two colonels, one major, one lieutenant, one private and one chaplain. They were known as the Tribe of Dan and the Tribe of John.

In nearly every major Western campaign, at least one “Fighting McCook” was on the battlefield, often serving with bravery and distinction in the thick of the action. Four members of the family were killed in action. The Fighting McCooks were:

Daniel McCook Major, killed in action at the Battle of Buffington Island

Dr. Latimer McCook Major, 31st Illinois Infantry, mortally wounded during Sherman’s March to the Sea;

George McCook Colonel, 157th Ohio Infantry

Robert Latimer McCook Brigadier General, killed near Salem, Alabama

Alexander McDowell McCook Major General; commanded XX Corps

Daniel McCook, Jr. Brigadier General, killed in action at Kennesaw Mountain

Edwin Stanton McCook Colonel

Charles Morris McCook, Private, 2nd Ohio Infantry, killed in action at the First Battle of Bull Run;

John James McCook Captain

Dr. John James McCook – volunteer surgeon during the Civil War

Edward Moody McCook – Brigadier General

Anson McCook – Colonel

Henry McCook – First Lieutenant, Chaplain

Roderick McCook – Naval Commander

John James McCook Lieutenant, Chaplain

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