Civil War Era Society Ladies


Ardent is Cage Carew‘s fiancee. She comes from an affluent family, but once the Civil War starts, she spends the majority of her time volunteering with the U. S. Sanitary Commission hospital for wounded soldiers. When she is not working for the charity, she risks her own safety helping escapes slaves flee the South on the Underground Railroad.

One morning at the office of her very wealthy industrialist uncle, she blunders into a meeting of some very powerful men, including George Bickley, Albert Pike, and Col. John O’Mahoney. Unbeknownst to her, these men may have connections to the Knights of the Golden Circle, a powerful secret society plotting dark conspiracies against the U.S. The last man in the room is Francois Devol, a man she despises because she knows he’s a slave trader, and who harbors a simmering hatred for her after she rejected his romantic advances a few years previously.

In How Can A Man Die Better, Ardent is Cage’s fiancee.

Months later, when Devol shows up in her small hometown, she dismisses it as coincidence, even as Cage and her friends warn her she’s in danger. It would prove to be a fatal misjudgement.

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